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An incomparable spectacle !

Discover the only way to admire wild landscapes by meandering through the narrow Doux Gorges, a tributary of the river Rhône, at a speed of 25km/hr.

A journey back in time !

The building of our railway line linking Tournon-sur-Rhône and Lamastre took four years from 1886 to 1890. The sinuous route involved numerous engineered structures for fixing the track to the rock face. Launched in 1891 our railway goes along the river Doux valley.

Our steam locomotives are the fruits of the work of the Franco-Swiss inventor Anatole Mallet and carry his name. They were built in 1903 and 1932 and made specially for our railway line with a specific articulated chassis adapted to the tight bends of a metric line. 

Memorable experiences !

Board the Train de l’Ardèche all year long to discover sensational destinations !   For  young and old, the trips are a great way of sharing moments with friends or family.


Reprise des circulations en mai 2021

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